In ETP, we provide 24/7 service providing information to our customers, patients and practitioners.

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Established in 1999 Exir Teb Parnian Co. (ETP) is a distribution channel company supplying pharmaceutical and other products that promote health and wellness. Our portfolio comprises of prescription medicines and over the counter supplements including pharmaceutical, food, diet and natural products.

 Exir Teb Parnian Co. (ETP)

1Our vision:
Sustainable future for producers and end users

2Our values:
We believe healthier people create stronger and more productive communities, make the the planet a better place to live.

3Our goal:
Create a distribution network to deliver high standard products to well known pharmacies and reliable retailers.

Our activity:

  • Nowadays we cover 6000 drugstores and thousands of retailers across the nation. ETP is a main distributor of Refah Chain Supermarket with more than 200 branches nationwide.
  • During two decades of our mission our best pharmacists and sales people endeavouring to meet our values.
  • ETP helps patients gain a fast and reliable access to the best pharmaceutical formulas provided by well known international companies.
  • To achieve our values our research and development team members attend internatioanl symposiums and fairs to update ETP's underestanding to increase the societie's quality of life . In addition, we work closely with centers and universities of medial sciences to endorse number of PhD thesis and papers by young scientists.

Our next step

Exir Teb Parnian's next step is to make partnership and joint venture with internatioanl companies to manufactore pharmaceutical products as we believe Iran has number of factorsprice, such as lower labor lower energy and lower establishment costs gives comprative advantage to manufactor high quality product.

In ETP, we provide 24/7 service providing information to our customers, patients and practitioners.

Exir; a magical or medicinal potion in Persian

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