About Us

Who we are and what we do?

About Us

Exir Teb Parnian (ETP) is a high-standard developer, producer, importer, and distributor of pharmaceutical, natural health products, OTC, food and cosmetic solutions in the middle east region. In addition to our R&D activities and under licensed production, we source directly from high-quality manufacturers around the world, which enables us to offer high-value products and exceptionally efficient in nutritional and health solutions. We have excellent relationships with manufacturers of raw materials & ingredients around the world. Our portfolio of high-quality nutraceuticals products, OTC, and prescription segments, provides a wide range of solutions to our customers.


In addition to the list of the current products, we are actively working on new health solutions, formulas and products that will help the well being of our society and helping them to access a healthy lifestyle.

Our distribution network covers all provinces in Iran through a network of warehouses around the country. Our customers rely on our excellent team of products and services to sourcing their needs for a healthy lifestyle.

Our preference is always to manufacture in Iran. That means you as our customer, will support an Iranian business with international foot print, which will ultimately keep the jobs in our country while at the same time supporting your own health and wellbeing.

We believe in our deep culture and unique values, which is the outcome of many years of working and learning from reputational and respectful international partners such as Caruso’s natural health.

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

About Us